At Vessel of Honor Ministries, Our purpose is to welcome all people and equip them with faith that works in real life by developing, encouraging, mentoring and coaching them to become Godly individuals in their daily lives.

Need a Coach or Mentor?

VFH offers one-on-one Coaching and Mentorship programs to assist members. The programs are designed to help members.

Life as a Journey has its common highs and lows, and yes even  some setbacks. When setbacks happen, it helps to have someone standing with you to cheer you on! As your coach and mentor, we walk alongside you to encourage you to be the best “You”! We’ll help you dismantle the self-doubt that’s preventing you from getting up and moving forward in life. We help you restore Kingdom order to your life.

Coaching is offered both in  a one on one and group sessions.  They're six-week consecutive courses.

One-on-One coaching is by appointment only.

Both are available via phone conference or webinars.

**Registration is required**