Vessel for Honor International Ministries (VFH) is a non-governmental, non-political, faith-based non-profit organization serving the religious, social, and cultural needs of communities here in the United States and in Kenya. VFH sponsors and operates a children's home called Shining Star Children's home.

The children's home is located in the Nyamira district- Magwawa and was started by a family taking in a small number of children, but the number increased due to children whose parents had died from aids and were left with their elderly grandparents or distant relatives who could not take care of them. Over time the children's home started taking in other children from impoverished homes.

Our donors' support for these underprivileged children enables them to get access to elementary and High school education. Today, Shining Star Children's home provides accommodation, education, meals, clothing, and adult supervision and mentoring after school. Students graduating from elementary school receive financial support to attend boarding high school.