Evangelist Isabella Mwango was born in Kenya, Africa. She accepted the call of God in her life after many years of living a religious life; she became frustrated with religion and started seeking a deeper meaning in the word of God. She hungered to know Him on a more personal level. She, now enjoys the fellowship with the Holy Spirit and loves to share about Him in this generation. The Holy Spirit has led her on the journey she is now pursuing for Christ’s sake.She is an inspiration to many who seek God’s love in purity and in total surrender.

Evangelist Isabella Mwango is the Founder & President of “Vessel for Honor International Ministry” located in San Jose, California. She received her bible school training through Senior Pastor Dick Bernal’s Jubilee Christian Center International Bible College, located in San Jose, California. In bible school, she served as Chief Intercessor.

She is an International Speaker and Teacher, and is an anointed servant of God with a prophetic mantle to the body of Christ.

She ministers extensively within the United States of America and Abroad. Evangelist Isabella encourages and teaches on the Power of Relationship with the Lord Jesus; she shares on the differences between religion and relationship. She has a fresh anointing for this hour and God is raising Evangelist Isabella up to be a passionate mouth piece for His Next Mighty move in this World!