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Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a lifestyle based on the Lordship of Jesus in our lives. So we seek to know him more, to make him known through  every situation or circumstances what we encounter  every day.

​Demanding the best of yourself in 2018.-Happy New Year

One free Saturday morning, I decided to go to the gym and this time wanted to have a different experience, and so I joined a group spinning class instead of exercising alone. The name of the spinning class is “Performance Ride”, which is a high-intensity cycling class that includes climbs, sprints, and intervals. This was my first spinning group exercise and being a newbie, the instructor noticed the new face and helped me to adjust the bicycle according to my height. Then he went on to explained what was going to happen throughout the one hour of class and talked about the benefits of endurance at different speed intervals. In other words, he said if I wanted to achieve my fitness goals I had to stay on course with the speed interval.

The spinning class began and some speed intervals were high at the start but as they climbed up exceeded level 15 and kept going up, the more laborious and heavier the bicycle felt. Even though the muscles and body felt great with lower intervals, it was painful at higher ranges. Regardless of the challenges, the instructor kept on encouraging the group and myself in particular saying “this is where your results would be achieved. At higher speeds and intervals even if it felt uncomfortable.” I noticed that some people did not keep up with the in-between speed switching. When the instructor asked us to stand, some people were sitting and when he said we sit some people were standing up. Unless we followed the instructions we were being given, it would be impossible to achieve our fitness goals.

 To enjoy this year in your faith and walk with God, you will need to demand the best of you. It is you alone that will need to identify your intent and goals for this year. These goals relate to your spiritual, physical, social, financial and professional. You will need to ask yourself questions and have a crucial personal conversations with yourself. Being truthful to yourself on what must change in your life this year is an important first step. One thing I have found helpful and wish I had started practicing much earlier is knowing that happiness is personal and so is being unhappy. This helped to understand the power of boundaries and not being a people pleaser.  I have learned to ask myself why I would want to be connected and stay in friendship with specific individuals. In making decisions, a clear intent and goal in mind has helped me to choose my connections or relationships. I am no longer a prisoner of other people’s opinions because at the end of the day when my bedroom door closes, it is just me and my head and if my head is full of unhappiness, worry and sorrow, no one shares that except God. 

Staying on course with your goals and achieving your intended results, you might have to offend others but that is ok. This might not sound like a very spiritual thing to say or do, but you must be intentional and deliberate in achieving your goals this year. You will need to cut off some people from your life, diminish your networks, and disconnect friendships that have drained you over the years. Start this from social media channels like Facebook. On your Facebook profile, there is a button called unfriend, and on LinkedIn, the button is called unfollow.  Some relationships you will need to work on and not want to lose. Because these are people or connections that you will need to accomplish your goals. Other connections might be your potential life coaches and you will need to reach out them. There are many good people out there who do not even know you but have what you need and can help you get to your goals. Putting a demand on yourself means your successes is not dependent on how others perform but how you perform.

Let us pass the test this week and give God the glory as we get promoted to the next level in Godliness.
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